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Town Square Self-Storage Lease Agreement

29 Pelzer Ave. – Town Square Center, Williamston, SC 29697

Unit #:______

Office: 864-847-9669Emergency: 864-934-2850


This agreement, made and entered into this ____ day of ___________, 20___, by and between Town Square Self-Storage, LLC, Lessor, and _____________________ of, _____________________________________________________, Lessee.

For the consideration provided for in this agreement, the Lessor agrees to let the Lessee use and occupy a space in the self storage facility located at 29 Pelzer Ave., in the town of Williamston, in the state of South Carolina and more particularly described as Space Number ________, Size _____x_____. The space is to be occupied and used for the purposes specified in this agreement and subject to the conditions set forth __________, 20___ on a month to month basis. Individuals granted access to and control of stored items are limited to:___________________________________.

Lessee acknowledges that all or part of the items to be stored are encumbered by a lien. Lien holder is _________________________________, whose mailing address is ___________________________________________________________.




Lessee agrees to pay the Lessor, as payment for the use of space and the improvements thereto, a monthly sum of $ ___________________. Said monthly installments are payable in advance on or before the first day of each month until the termination of this agreement. If any monthly installment is not paid by the tenth of the month due, or if any check given in payment is dishonored, Lessee is considered to be in default. The lessor shall then seek all legal remedies available unto it in satisfaction of the terms of this agreement, as well as, a LATE FEE payment of $20 after the 10th of the month. Once the monthly installment is not paid by the fifteenth (15th) of the month the unit will be overlocked. Overlock will be removed when all rental, late, and administrative charges are paid.

Lessee further agrees to pay the sum of $25 which may be used as a clean-up and maintenance fund and is to be used, if required, for the repair of any damage done to the space by Lessee. In the event that Lessee’s space is at a facility with an electronic access gate, said deposit may also be retained by Lessor if access card is not returned at the termination of this agreement. At termination, if Lessee leaves space in good repair and broom swept condition, all rents are paid to date, any lock provided is returned and access card is returned, then this amount will be refunded to the Lessee. It is further agreed that Lessor may set off any claims it may have against the Lessee from this fund. The space named in this agreement is to be used by the occupant solely for the purpose of storing any personal property belonging to the Lessee. The Lessee agrees not to store any explosives or any highly inflammable goods or any other goods in the space which could potentially cause damage to the space. The Lessee further agrees that the space will not be used for any unlawful purposes. The Lessee will not store waste or toxic waste in the space. The Lessee will not alter the space, nor affix signs on the space, and will keep the space in good condition during the term of this agreement. Lessee will not leave anything outside the enclosed confines of the leased space. Lessee is responsible for hauling away from the storage facility property any trash created by the Lessee. Lessee is allowed to place a maximum of one lock on the space. In the event Lessee attaches more than one lock, Lessor has the right to remove the unauthorized lock without notice to the Lessee.

Lessee is an active member of United States Armed Forces: Yes____ No____.

To the extent allowed by law, Lessee hereby gives up and waives all rights and remedies he/she might have under the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act, U.S. Code of Laws.

Upon default of the Lessee, the Lessor has a lien on all property stored in Lessee’s space for rent, labor or other charges in relation to the personal property, and for it’s preservation or expenses reasonably incurred in the sale or other disposition pursuant to this agreement. Property stored in Lessee’s space will be sold or otherwise disposed of if account remains in arrears for a continuous 50 day period after initial default. If any monthly installment if not made by the 15th of the month due, or if any check given in payment is dishonored, the Lessee is in default from the date the payment was due.

For purposes of Lessor lien: “ personal property “ means movable property, not affixed to land and includes, but is not limited to, goods, merchandise and household items; “last known address” means that address provided by the Lessee in the latest rental agreement or the address provided by the Lessor in a subsequent written notice of a change of address. The Lessor’s lien attaches as of the date the Lessee is considered in default.

Lessor does not provide any type of insurance which would protect the Lessee’s personal property from loss by fire, theft, or any other type of casualty loss. It is the Lessee’s responsibility to provide such insurance.


Lessee to acknowledge the following by initialing on the lines provided:


  1. _____ Lessor does not send out invoices for payment;
  2. _____ Lessor will not refund any portion of rent for current month when moving out of unit;
  3. _____ Lessor is not responsible for loss or damage to my property and does not provide insurance for my stored property;
  4. _____ Lessor requires that I provide my own insurance coverage or be self-insured (personally responsible for loss);
  5. _____ Lessor is a commercial business renting space and is not a bailee or warehouseman;
  6. _____ I understand I am responsible for the contents in the leased space.
  7. _____ I understand that Lessor does not retain a key for the lock issued to me.
  8. _____ All property stored on the premises shall be at occupant’s sole risk.
  9. _____ I further acknowledge that I have read the above information.


This Rental Agreement shall automatically be extended on the first of each month unless the Lessee, in writing, delivers to Lessor a written notice of its intention to terminate this Agreement not less than five (5) days prior to the end of the current month. Lessee acknowledges he/she has read the conditions on the reverse side of this Agreement and agrees to be bound by them and has read the above information.



The attached “Conditions” sheet which is signed and dated by the Lessee is hereby made an integral part of this agreement.


Rent and Security Deposit Due upon signing lease agreement:$_______________




Town Square Self-Storage, LLC:




Payments to:




Town Square Self-Storage, LLC
c/o Ace Hardware & Rental
29 Pelzer Ave.- Town Square Center
Williamston, SC 29697





Print Name:____________________


Phone#: ______________________


D.L.#: _______________________


Work#: _______________________


Mobile#: ______________________


Pager#: _______________________


Emergency#: __________________




City: _________________________


State: ________________________


Zip Code: _____________________



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